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Title: Diet & Weight Loss on USTREAM: Forskolin Health Benefits, Fatloss with Coleus Forskohli extractLimited Supply Available:Pure Forskolin Supplements, Claim Y...

Description: Forskolin Health Benefits, Fatloss with Coleus Forskohli extractLimited Supply Available:Pure Forskolin Supplements, Claim Your Trial Bottle Today!Coleus Forskohli Forskolin, an extract from the plant Coleus forskohli, is at the moment very well known for its properties concerning weight loss, but there’s more to it than just weight loss. Forskolin actually provides many health benefits aside from weight loss and this is great news for anyone thinking of using it as a weight loss supplement. Used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient Indian practice, Forskolin was used to treat a range of ailments from Asthma and eczema to high blood pressure. Extensive studies have since shown that Forskolin does indeed possess a number of health benefits of which I’ll share with you in this article.How Does Forskolin Work? In order to understand why Forskolin is so beneficial to your health it’s necessary to take a look at the science behind the process. What makes Forskolin so unique in the world of plant extracts and supplements is its ability to mimic the function of your body’s hormones and neurotransmitters. Under normal circumstances, it is the job of hormones and neurotransmitters to activate the enzyme, adenylate cyclase, which in turn increases the amount of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) in cells. Cyclic AMP is one of the body’s most important cell regulating compounds and is responsible for: Reducing the risk of blood clots. A reduction in the release of histamine which relieves allergy symptoms. Stronger contractions of the heart. The relaxation of muscles and arteries. An increase in thyroid function (linked to weight loss). Stimulating the fat burning process in the body (lipolysis). Forskolin is somehow able to initiate this chemical process by itself, therefore offering a whole range of health benefits which I’ll share with you now.Forskolin for Weight Loss A number of studies have shown that Forskolin stimulates the fat burning process in the body (lipolysis), using the body’s stored fat as energy rather than the energy from food eaten. An important finding linked to the weight loss capabilities of Forskolin, by scientists at Penn State University College of Medicine, found that many overweight people have a lower than normal Cyclic AMP production. Well, the link is clear then as Forskolin is able to activate the process and cause more Cyclic AMP to be produced, leading to the stimulation of fat burning and subsequent weight loss. The studies prove it too as you’ll find if you look them up. Another health benefit that assists with weight loss is Forskolin’s ability to stimulate thyroid hormone production and the release of thyroid hormones. The increased release of thyroid hormones then stimulates the metabolism meaning your body burns through calories at a much faster rate, thus preventing a build up of unwanted fat. This is obviously a significant find then because what it means is that Forskolin attacks fat on two fronts possibly speeding up the weight loss process substantially.Other Benefits of Forskolin Alongside its substantial weight loss properties, Forskolin also has quite a long list of other health benefits including: A strengthened immune system. The ability to alleviate symptoms of psoriasis. Lowered blood pressure, relief from symptoms of hypertension Reduced symptoms of asthma Effective at reducing allergy symptoms As well as the above benefits, Forskolsin has also been tested with a view to utilizing it to treat Glaucoma, depression and even the development of tumors though studies are still ongoing. What this means then, is that Forskolin is basically a multitasking supplement, not just helping you to lose weight but also keeping you healthy in many other ways too.An Added Benefit of Forskolin for Men Finally, another interesting find during a study led by scientist Michael P. Godard, found that Forskolin also had the ability to raise testosterone levels in men by almost 200%. During the study, Godard divided 30 overweight males into two groups, the placebo group and the Forskolin group. Over a 12 week period, the Forskolin group were given 250 mg’s of 10% Forskolin extract twice a day. The results of the experiment showed that compared to the placebo group, the Forskolin group had experienced an increase of 33% in testosterone levels! This is of course important because testosterone helps your muscles to grow.It’s quite clear then that Forskolin has a wide range of health benefits.

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